Collage Sale to Fund Stargazer Projects

I’ve got an exciting new publishing/curating project in the works that I hope to launch next year: Stargazer Projects. Stargazer will feature work by some of my favorite artists, many of whom work with text (at least occasionally) and will involve monographs, performances (we can dream about gathering together, right?), installations, and other things that haven’t been imagined yet. Projects will be driven by the artists themselves and regardless of what is produced, every artist will be given a stipend for participating. I’m hoping that the sale of some of my own image/text work will help to get this project off the ground. I would like to raise $2500-6000 with this sale to help fund the first couple of Stargazer projects.

I have several collections of work that I am offering, the first two containing unique, one-of-a-kind, unframed collages offered at $50-500 per collage. Pay what you would like within that range.

The first is work I’ve made during quarantine this year. Though I’ve been making image/text collages for a decade now, until quarantine I restricted myself to just an X-acto knife and scotch tape to make them. For these collages, I’ve also used watercolor, colored pencil, and graphite. So far there are 14 collages in this new group. In the context of my overall practice, I think they are mixed-media drawings more than they are collages. You can see them here:

The second are collages from a 1999 issue of Vogue magazine.
 These are from a quasi-autobiographical body of work made with magazines I remember reading, this collection from the year I was married, 1999. All of these collages contain text except one, “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus,” a tongue-and-cheek conversation with Bruegel’s painting, the “male gaze,” etc., etc.:

I’m also offering a very limited edition (max 16 copies plus one artist’s proof) hardback artist book that will come with one original collage. Price: $150-750, you decide how much in this range.

The books (10 have been printed so far) were printed by Blurb and therefore cost way, way more than they should. They are all signed and personalized/modified. There are 16 collages in the book (along with a short essay) and a total of 16 book/collage sets available. These collages were made between 2017 and 2019 and come from a 1990 issue of Interview Magazine. They are part of that same larger, somewhat autobiographical series of collages that are made from magazines I remember reading. You can view the collages here:

And finally, the complete Moon_Moire, made during quarantine this past summer, offered for $3000-5000, again you can decide how much within this range. This 156-piece collection is a collaboration of sorts with Carsten Nicolai’s Moire Index, his collection of moire patterns published in 2013. I tore the pages from the book and used the pages as substrates for drawings and paintings, each one reacting and playing with the patterns on the page. I began this project on the penumbral eclipse, July 4, 2020, and finished it the day after the new moon on August 18. Rather appropriate for a book about moons and perception. You can see the entire book here:

If you are interested in any of this work, please let me know your first couple of picks (in case your favorite is unavailable) and we can work out the payment/shipping details (PayPal, Venmo, check, etc). The collages are identified by the first line of text, but you can also just describe them to me. If buying art at any price is out of reach right now but you would like a piece of art to brighten up this  miserable year, send me your address (or the address of a friend who needs a piece of art) and I will send you a recipe card drawing from my ongoing quarantine recipe/memory card mail art project. Even if you’ve already received one from me, I can send another. Let me know your favorite food group or category (“Men’s Favorites,” “Impromptu Party Fare,” “Dessert Spectaculars,” “Family Breakfast Time,” etc.) if you’d like something extra special.

I’m quite excited about Stargazer Projects and I hope you can support this new venture by buying a collage. If you know someone who might be interested in these collages or in supporting Stargazer, please feel free to forward this page to them. I may also offer a kickstarter of some kind next year to raise additional funds for Stargazer.


December 4, 2020