Slowly, With Care @ Dominican University, January 29-March 6, 2020

I’m showing an embellished quilt for Agnes Martin (Friendship) and two new felt pieces for Joseph Beuys (a felted lladro and Reliquary for a Future Ritual) with the marvelous work of artists Joanne Aono, Sherri Denault, Holly Holmes, Jeffley Gabriela Molina, and Gwendolyn Zabicki in a show about slowing down curated by artist/curator Karen Azarnia. This will be a beautiful show! Here is the announcement:

Slowly, With Care
O’Connor Art Gallery, Dominican University
Participating Artists:
Joanne Aono, Sherri Denault, Holly Holmes, Kate Ingold, Jeffly Gabriela Molina, Gwendolyn Zabicki
Curated by Karen Azarnia
January 29 – March 6, 2020
Opening reception: Wednesday, January 29, 4 – 7pm, artist talk at 4:30pm

The artists in Slowly, With Care deal with notions of slowness, caregiving and meditation. Empathy and tenderness permeate the work. With attention to craftsmanship achieved through a dedication to meticulous labor, the work is made slowly, by hand, with care. Nostalgia, longing, loss, domestic labor, relationships, motherhood, meditation, and the history of craft are among some of the themes addressed. A range of materials are incorporated, including traditional oil painting, ceramics, sculpture, sewing, and fiber-based installation. Questions this show hopes to raise include how have we arrived at a socio-political moment in which tenderness has become radicalized? How can we collectively develop strategies to slow down, be present, and take time to care for one another?

January 23, 2020