Meet me at the Mending Wall

Mending Wall

Meet me at the Mending Wall, an interactive performance involving graphite, erasers, and collective action.

Recognizing that the act of erasure can be an act of healing, and that communities are built on the support and assistance of others, this collective erasing is a direct response to the suffering around us, an offering to come together and work on a challenging task. Visitors are invited to erase their regrets, desires, prayers, or any message that needs attention or mending into the graphite, or to simply help erase the graphite from the wall wordlessly. Graphite is messy and difficult, if not impossible, to erase completely, yet the act of erasing gives us the opportunity to slow down and thoughtfully work together. Echoing the final blowing away of a sand mandala painting, or the washing and cleansing that follows any act of disruption or violence, the mending wall is a drawing-by-erasure made communally, containing the personal and collective in one action.

When: Mana Contemporary Open House, February 21, 2016, 12-4PM and through February 28.
Where: Mana Contemporary, 2233 S Throop (at Cermak), 5th Floor

I will be installing the graphite on February 19 and 20, 11-4. Stop by if you’d like to help. If you can’t make the opening on the 21st, come by anytime during the week to erase your message into the wall and participate in this erasure meditation.

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February 11, 2016